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by Macy Troyer

What’s holding you back?

You dream of starting your own business.
Yet, *something* is keeping your foot on the bra
Be it fear of failure, uncertainty, financial concerns, and lack of confidence, experience, or support.
Something is holding you back from living the life you envision.

But is inaction really worth it?

Stop saying, “I want to be an entrepreneur,” and start taking intentional steps to become one.

If you are…
  • Trapped in a job that doesn’t align with your values

  • Navigating a layoff or quiet quitting

  • Working to live

  • Desperate to escape the corporate world

  • Longing for freedom and purpose

  • Tired of reading some of the “best books for entrepreneurs” without realistic advice

  • Looking for guidance from a relatable entrepreneur who gets it

Activate the mindset needed to go from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur 

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It’s time to make the leap!

Ready, Mindset, Go! is a book written by a present entrepreneur for today’s aspiring entrepreneurs. It’s a contemporary journey to the entrepreneur mindset that weaves true stories, reflections, and practical strategies to encourage you to start your own business—while staying relevant to the recent world changes and their impact on the workplace.


After graduating from Indiana University Kelley School of Business, I worked as a Market Strategist for a real estate company. Not to toot my own horn, but I was doing a stellar job, growing multiple social media accounts, building relationships, and delivering excellent results. Colleagues, clients, and local business owners raved about my work. Yet, something didn’t seem quite right.

Ready, Mindset, Go! by Macy Troyer book cover.png
Ready, Mindset, Go! by Macy Troyer book cover.png
Ready, Mindset, Go! by Macy Troyer book cover .png
Macy Troyer, Author of Ready, Mindset, Go!

I felt stuck and doomed. Was this it? Was this corporate job aligned with my vision and what I saw myself doing for the next fifty years? Although it was an excellent position, I craved deeper passion and fulfillment in my work.

I realized I already had the skillset and experience to pave my path. I could start my own business to serve the clients I wanted to work with, design systems and marketing plans, and build a team on my terms. All while reaching my professional and personal goals,  learning invaluable insight about myself, and making enough money to live happily, save, and multiply my earnings.

And I knew I couldn’t do this if I worked for somebody else or operated under the structure of an organization. I wanted to be free to dream BIG and reach my unbounded potential.

So I jumped. And now, I want to inspire you to do the same!

have been there too.

As of 2022, there were 33.2 million small businesses in the U.S., which accounts for 99.9% of companies in the country (source: US Chamber).


So there’s a whole lot of us out there! 

The majority were ready to be their own bosses (28%). Many were motivated by their dissatisfaction with corporate America (23%) or the desire to pursue their passion (13%).

Others were laid off (10%), not ready to retire (10%), or received a great opportunity (9%). And a small number had a new business idea (4%) or experienced a major life event (2%) (source: Guidant Financial).

Ready, Mindset, Go! by Macy Troyerchart .png
What if you could…
  • Build something from scratch and do it your way?

  • Integrate your work and personal life with intention?

  • Provide for yourself and your family while doing what you love?

  • Learn exactly how to prepare for this entrepreneurial quest?

You are not alone in this pursuit.
If you want to make the leap, Ready, Mindset, Go! can help you kickstart your journey.

Entrepreneurs Journey Map for website (5)_edited.jpg
The Rollercoaster of Entrepreneurship
Orange Blue Brain Digital World Logo (3).png
Ok, but how will
Ready, Mindset, Go! help you?
Ready, Mindset, Go! is based on real entrepreneurship experiences and lessons learned—I blended mine and other people’s enlightening stories to broaden your perspective and drive some points home.

But it doesn’t stop there. This book also offers tools, step-by-step guidance, and thought-provoking nudges to help you shift your mindset and launch your business once and for all.

You’ll walk away knowing how to:
  • Navigate self-doubt and self-judgment to build confidence (and continue to nurture it)

  • Leverage positive self-talk, clarity, and the power of a sticky note to become successful from within—despite the piercing fears, comparison itches, and unavoidable failures you’ll face

  • Romanticize your entrepreneurship path, discover your lane, and create a life vision you feel passionate about 

  • Tap into your intuition and emotional intelligence to evolve into the best version of yourself

  • Identify and transform your limiting beliefs to adopt a growth mindset—one where you can turn uncertainty and challenges into unlimited possibilities

  • Manage your mental health to accept yourself and tame your need for external approval—yes, we’ll talk about your ego and numbing mechanisms!

  • Hold yourself accountable and view rejection as a catalyst to learn, improve, and develop resiliency

  • Determine your WHY, visualize your business model, make a plan, and ACT on it

  • Start your own business in the U.S. with a clear roadmap, checklist, and best practices

Business Plan
Shareable book quotes for your socials, wallpaper, or bathroom mirror.
About the author:
Macy Troyer

Hi, there! I’m Macy. I’m the author of Ready, Mindset, Go! and the founder and CEO of Goaldy, a social media marketing and consulting agency, and Kindspire, encouragement cards to connect us around the world. I grew up with a creative and vibrant entrepreneurial spirit (you could catch me doing paid Elvis impersonations at church when I was little—who does that?).

After completing my Marketing, Business Management, and International Studies major, I helped many organizations with their social media marketing and landed the perfect corporate job. But truthfully, I was unfulfilled. I was yearning for purpose, passion, and living up to my potential. I had a fire inside me, a voice screaming to be heard.

And I decided to listen to it.

Building Goaldy has been a genuine labor of intuition, drive, risk, and continuous learning. I love living by my values and helping leaders elevate their businesses and brands online.

Writing this book is an extension of that mission. I hope these pages can set you up for success as you listen to your inner voice and dive into entrepreneurship.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Where can I buy this book?
    Ready, Mindset, Go! is available on Amazon and ships across the U.S.
  • Who is this book for?
    Ready, Mindset, Go! is written for ALL aspiring entrepreneurs in the U.S.— burned-out employees, laid-off individuals, stay-at-home parents, professionals, students, and dreamers who keep saying they want to start a business, but something is stopping them.
  • Why did you write this book?
    A few years ago, I was on an airplane going on my first self-employed vacation to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. I felt grateful and reinvigorated by the opportunity to take some time off without PTO requests or guilt. Many people had asked: Macy, how did you start your own business? How did you build your confidence to do it? I want to do it too! And it hit me right there in the window seat. I should write a book about this! I felt compelled to tell my story and empower people like you to take step zero on your entrepreneurship adventure—preparing your mindset and understanding what to expect before you take the plunge.
  • What makes this book special in the sea of entrepreneurship books?
    I’m no Mark Zuckerberg, nor do I pretend to be. But did I start a successful business in my 20s? YES. Am I making more money than in my previous jobs? YES. And am I fulfilled? ABSOLUTELY! Ready, Mindset, Go! will show you you can do it too. This book cuts through the noise of the “become a six-figure whiz in a day” premises, acknowledging that entrepreneurship is a complex yet incredibly rewarding and realistic odyssey. It doesn’t speak to the Silicon Valley dudes and dudettes but to everyday young adults as they navigate a post-COVID-19 world filled with social, economic, and health challenges.
  • What if I’m hesitant to buy this book?
    Listen to a few segments or check out the “how will Ready, Mindset, Go! help you” section and reviews above for a sneak peek. You can also reach out to me if you have any questions!
Practice - Ready, Mindset, Go! workbook to put pen on paper and start doing!

Ready, Mindset, Go! is not only about cultivating your mindset but about taking action to become an entrepreneur.

Buy the workbook to put all the book lessons into practice.


You’ll get:
  • Chapter recaps

  • Key takeaways and highlighted quotes

  • Guided prompts for journaling and reflection

  • Activities to apply your newfound knowledge to your business venture

Wake up! You are so close to starting your dream business. 

Stop waiting for the *perfect* time to jump.
The time is now!

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